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Most frequent questions and answers

Your booth hire will always come with at least one member of staff, who will set up the booth, run the booth to help your guests get the best possible pictures from their visit. They will also then pack down the booth once your hire is complete.

You can fit a max of 8 people in there. To get the most of the backgrounds, 4 is ideal.

Check the package details when booking, but most packages come with double prints. So either 2 for the guests to share, or one for the guest and one for the guest book (if you have one). Also we can put the photos on our Facebook page afterwards, and also provide you with a USB stick with all photos taken.

We provide a range of signs, hats, wigs, and glasses for lots of fun photos. If you have a theme to your party, please let us know so we can provide some to go with that. Green screen is technology to provide a range of backgrounds to your photos, such as wedding themes, casino, worldwide landscapes etc.

Depending on where we can park and distance to where we are setting up, can take between 35 mins to 50mins. It is built in about 20-30 minutes, then have to program the booth, do test prints and put the props out.

We have been in business for 4 years, growing year by year. We have Public Liability insurance and PAT testing certificates for your venue, 3 booths and selfie pod, and staff with a lot of experience and know how to have fun with your guests. Cheapest isn’t always best! Choose wisely.